Training and Recruitment in Customer Experience

for the Marketing Automation & CRM Industry

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Our Customer Experience Vision

Data Scouts is a Marketing Automation & CRM domain specialist in training
and recruitment, transforming an entire industry through inspiring a community
of like-minded talent, driven to deliver phenomenal customer experiences.


Welcome to Data Scouts, the #1 industry benchmark in training & certification in customer experience
for the Marketing Automation & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry.

Data Scouts is a proven vendor technology agnostic Marketing Automation & CRM digital
transformation methodology, designed to teach you the core principles of
how to transform your prospect and customer marketing campaigns by implementing
lifecycle Marketing Automation & CRM strategies across the acquisition,
on-boarding, engagement and retention/loyalty stages of the customer journey.

You will learn how to map out the current state of your organisation's marketing strategy,
marketing technology landscape, marketing operations and your lifecycle marketing campaigns.
You will learn how to develop a future state omni-channel customer experience vision
with prioritised campaigns for execution across all stages of the customer lifecycle.


Creating the next generation of leaders in Marketing Automation & CRM.




Boosting the skillset of today’s Marketing Automation & CRM professionals.




Empowering today’s Marketing Automation & CRM professionals with best practices.




Preparing today’s company directors for change management in digital transformation.




Helping today’s marketers drive digital transformation within their organisations.



Monday 29 May 2017

Friday 22 September 2017

8:30am - 5:00pm

Location: Data Scouts Boardroom
Level 5, 50 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Tuesday 26 September 2017

8:30am - 5:00pm

Location: Collins Street Business Centre
Level 15, 350 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


ADMA Lunch & Learn

Sydney: Tuesday 15 August 2017

Melbourne: Thursday 17 August 2017


Upon completion of the course, participants receive our complete toolkit.
This includes the following:

Organisational Assessment

Marketing automation & CRM maturity self-assessment tool for your organisation.

Funnel Assessment

Revenue cycle funnel assessment tool for marketing & sales teams.

Campaign Playbook

Playbook with 50+ acquisition, on-boarding, engagement, retention and lapsed campaign ideas.

Software Vendor Assessment

Marketing automation software vendor selection assessment tool.

Presentation Template

Executive presentation template to deliver your customer experience strategy.

Industry Benchmark Stats

Latest statistics, trends & insights from 4,000 digital marketers.



All participants will graduate as a Certified Lifecycle Marketing Automation & CRM Consultant,
endorsed by Data Scouts, the #1 leader in Marketing Automation & CRM training!

You will become part of our alumni network, where we all face the same challenges
across different industries. We share our solutions to specific issues and try to help each other.

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Our recruitment practice areas are focused on helping to connect Administrators,
Developers, Business Analysts, Campaign Analysts, Data Analysts, Campaign Managers,
Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Consultants, Project Managers,
Architects and Senior Managers with the right companies.

Whether a short term contract or a permanent employee, we know the talent to hire
and know the companies to join in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We focus on using our personal approach to help match not only an individual's skill
profiles to a role, but also their own personal needs and aspirations. Resulting in you as
a candidate getting an amazing role that you are happy with, and you as a client
hiring someone who is going to stay for the long term.​

You are an applicant seeking a new role.

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You are a business looking to hire new talent.

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Data Scouts was founded in 2015 to address the capability and skills shortage of Marketing Automation, CRM & lifecycle marketing professionals in the Asia Pacific Region.

Digital transformation has rapidly been put on the agenda for the vast majority of corporates in the region, however, until Data Scouts there was no proven vendor agnostic methodology to assist teams to maximise the investment made in digital transformation.

With the addition of the Recruitment side of the business, Data Scouts is now a full service capability builder and provider with aspirations to transform an industry.



Data Scouts forms part of the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA)’s new IQ education courses and brings best-in-market tactical skills training to Australian marketers.


Data Scouts also works together with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) to help people up skill themselves in digital transformation.

The gap in appropriately skilled marketers is an issue that affects the whole industry and we are delighted to be working with ADMA & AMI in providing our new curriculum to their members.


Jason O'Leary - Manager Marketing, Recruitment & CommunicationsJason O'Leary - Manager Marketing, Recruitment & CommunicationsFaculty of Arts - University of Melbourne
Thanks for facilitating the CX Design Workshop. It was very well received within the team at Arts – and I think has got everyone thinking. Which is a great thing. Also appreciate that the training is aligned with Chancellery digital strategy which gives everyone the same experience across the University and hopefully it will meet the aims of getting us all thinking and talking in the same language and can then work better across divisions an centrally with each other.
Kennedy Moyo - Marketing & Advertising ExecutiveKennedy Moyo - Marketing & Advertising ExecutiveBureau of Meteorology
The Digital revolution is well and truly upon us, this course helps get you ready to adapt or you risk becoming a statistic
Ruthann Richardson - Senior Account DirectorRuthann Richardson - Senior Account DirectorPareto Fundraising
The Data Scouts course was incredibly useful for me, and we will use the training to conduct workshops within our organisation, and also to help our clients grow. In addition to the useful content, it was delivered in a professional and engaging way. Great course.
Kanny Lai - Senior Sales Coverage ConsultantKanny Lai - Senior Sales Coverage ConsultantCaterpillar
The course was highly interactive. Concepts were explained in a very simple and relatable way, complimented by countless real-life examples from Marcus and Will's work and experience over the years. The Data Scouts framework is a simple, yet methodical and effective way of making sure customers are at the front of minds when designing marketing campaigns.
Su Jella - CRM Operations ManagerSu Jella - CRM Operations ManagerMelbourne Business School
I found this course extremely useful and comprehensive. I've learnt ways to manage Marketing Automation & CRM, however having a detailed structure and framework that can be adapted to every industry and environment is quite an advantage. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their skills and knowledge in today's modern marketing industry.
Christopher James - Marketing SpecialistChristopher James - Marketing SpecialistChartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand
After the Data Scouts course I left feeling well equipped both with a plan and the consulting skills needed to be a CRM champion for the business.
Sacha Hughes - Marketing Services ManagerSacha Hughes - Marketing Services ManagerVita Group
The course coupled practical advice with real-life examples of customer marketing campaigns in an engaging format. I left with a plan ready to start implementing the next day.
Laura McKnight - Client Marketing ManagerLaura McKnight - Client Marketing ManagerCerebral Palsy Alliance
The Data Scouts course is a very practical course and you go away armed with new skills and practical tools to take back and use immediately.
Mona Lolas - Client Marketing Manager Mona Lolas - Client Marketing Manager Integrated Research
Innovative, informative, interactive and easy to implement. One of the best marketing training courses on offer with lots of great tools and tips.
Christeneh Avaness - Marketing SpecialistChristeneh Avaness - Marketing SpecialistCommscope
The market space now is a digital landscape with many new and unknown horizons. The Data Scouts course empowers you with a set of skills to guide client companies through this digital terrain. All marketers should be doing this.


Our team at Data Scouts consists of four people, all with a different nationality. We share a passion for digital transformation with the use of Marketing Automation & CRM. Together we have about 20 years of experience in the industry.

Feel free to reach out should you have a question for any of us or call us on +61 2 8015 6662.

Will Scully-Power


Will has been in the industry for over 15 years. He loves white sneakers & hanging out in Bondi.

Marcus Zeltzer


Marcus has a lot of experience in several industries. He is obsessed with brewing his own beer and his bulldog Olive.

Tony Kvatch

Recruitment Director

Tony is a specialist in finding the right talent in the industry. On weekends he saves lives on the beach.

Delphine Dobbels

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Delphine tries to keep up with the guys as she is a rookie. Her passion is to travel.