20 March

Experience vs Certification in Marketing Automation & CRM

Employers are seeking more than experience these days.

In our daily discussions with customers at Data Scouts, they continually request candidates have product certifications from software vendors as a pre-requisite in being put forward for most roles.

Put simply, your career development in the Marketing Automation & CRM space depends on two things.

Firstly, you need hands-on product experience. With today’s cloud based platforms, our recommendation is that you start to spend some of your own time inside these actual software platforms. Learn how to import data from an excel spreadsheet into a CRM database. Learn how to create a customer segmentation or list. Learn how to build a simple customer journey and teach yourself how to generate a report to measure its success.

Building hands-on product experience is key to cutting your teeth on today’s Marketing Automation and CRM platforms from the likes of Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe. It helps you to understand the core concepts of CRM including Lead, Opportunity & Case Management. It also helps you to understand the core concepts of Marketing Automation including lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead qualification and lead recycling.

Secondly, you need 2 types of certifications;

1.) Digital Transformation Training (Theory & Practical)
a. Defining your customer experience vision
b. Defining your corporate and marketing objectives
d. Mapping your current & future state
e. Prioritising your campaigns
f. Measuring success of your campaigns
g. Creating content that drives customer engagement

2.) Software Vendor Product Training (Hands-On)
a. Admin training
b. User training
c. Role training

By combining both digital transformation training and product training you will be setting your career up for growth and ongoing success.

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