22 June

Fuel of the Automation Economy

The path to digital transformation requires a great customer first strategy, an operational structure to support it, customer journeys specific to customer lifecycle stages and technology to support the implementation of those journeys.

We have found that most organisations really struggle when it comes to developing content for their customer journeys.

Why is this?

Fundamentally, most content that is developed today is not aligned to an organisation’s customer experience vision and also is not aligned to corporate or marketing objectives.

The role of content in the customer experience is to communicate the WHY in what you do… not the WHAT or the HOW.

Remember, people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

There are 5 goals of content which you should aim to achieve when developing your content:

1.) Create an emotional engagement
2.) Educate and inform
3.) Create anticipation for what’s next
4.) Influence their decision making in taking action
5.) Listen to what they say and how they behave

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