3 May

I am in Marketing, not IT!!!

As companies start their digital transformation projects, they are starting to look for specific skills within Marketing Automation, as covered in our previous blog post “Jack of all, but the need for a master of one“.

This has resulted in companies going out to market to find people who have work experience and successful projects helping utilise these systems to great effect. What has become evident within this pool of highly skilled marketers is that a high number of people who have these skills are not listing them on their CV.

At Data Scouts, we have spoken to our network as to the reason behind this. The reason is that people within Marketing do not want to put too much information about IT systems on their CV due to a fear they will come across as someone who is too technical. Or even worse not a marketer, but someone in IT! They are thinking the end result means they miss out on landing their dream role.

The reality is that there is a demand in the market for people with skills in specific Marketing Automation systems.
Marketing Automation specialists are people who have a high level of skill with a particular Marketing Automation platform. Listing these skills does not mean that you will be seen as a technical IT person.

The vast majority of roles within the Marketing Automation area require people with strong Marketing experience and a high level of knowledge using a particular system. On your CV, organisations want to see the system(s) you have used, and how you have taken advantage of all it can offer to build fantastic customer journeys.

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