1 May

Linking your customer experience vision to your future state campaigns

Articulating your customer experience vision is the first step in the Strategy pillar of the Data Scouts Directions methodology. Plenty of companies already have a vision or mission statement but the link between such statements and their customer experience commonly absent.

How do you articulate your customer experience vision?

We start the discovery process for customer experience vision by getting workshop participants to respond to the following questions, with one word:

• What experience do you want to create for your customers?
• How do you want them to feel about your brand and their experience with your brand?
• When your customers talk to others about your company, what words do you want them to use?

It is often a somewhat daunting task to distil an entire customer experience vision into one word but once you get going, you will find that common words start to appear. You can group these common words together and start to piece together your customer experience vision statement.

What do you do with your customer experience vision?

The link between customer experience vision and campaign activities is one of the critical success factors that, sadly, is often overlooked. It seems that a lot of the time a customer experience vision is created in isolation and campaign activity does not reflect or support the stated vision.

The Data Scouts Directions methodology requires future state campaign ideas to be first tested against a number of filters created in the Strategy pillar; the first one of which is the customer experience vision. Ideally, all campaigns must support or be reflective of the customer experience vision statement. This alignment will help you delivering interactive, data driven, campaigns that support your customer experience vision.

Learn more about this methodology in our upcoming Data Scouts courses in Melbourne on Tuesday 23 May 2017 and in Sydney on Monday 29 May 2017.

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