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24 July

Marketing Automation: Be a big fish in a small pond!

This week, Data Scouts Marketing Automation Recruitment lead, Tony Kvatch, reflects on a developing reluctance amongst marketers to pursue careers in Marketing Automation due to perceptions of the technical nature of Marketing Automation.

With new recent research from IDC reporting that AI will create 16,714 new jobs over the next five years in Australia in automation, is this reluctant attitude setting Australia back?

There is a certain resistance in the market at this moment in time for people with marketing skills to move over to Marketing Automation due to the perceived technical, or IT nature of the role.

This is not unusual and something I experienced about four or five years ago within the Salesforce platform recruitment market.

When I first started to focus on recruiting for this area, there were very few people who were skilled in Salesforce in Australia (not unlike specialists in Marketing Automation systems).

A Skilled Salesforce Developer was the hardest person to find.

The reason for the absence of talent in this area quickly became apparent as I attended Salesforce Developer User Groups and spoke with Siebel, Java and .Net Developers. The general skilled developer market did not view Salesforce Development as true development and hence resisted making the switch to this area.

This is not the case now.

What has changed?

  • Demand – The market was suddenly starting to embrace CRM and the potential of how it could improve business sales. More companies were looking to train internal people or hire new talent. This became a great opportunity for developers to advance their careers.
  • Environment – The prospect of moving your career into the cloud was alluring because of the community. Pick any technology in this space and there are multiple events, user groups and community engagement events.
  • Salary – With increased demand comes salary. The average for a permanent Senior Java Developer sits on 120K plus where as a permanent Senior Salesforce Developer sits on 140K plus.

These are the three things main things I have observed that led to a demand in Skilled Salesforce Developers in Australia and have no doubt that this will inevitably be a similar story for Marketers and skills demand in Marketing Automation space.

The question is – are you going to make the move now, or wait?

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