18 May

Platform training will only get you one third of the way there

At Data Scouts, all of our training packages from graduate level, to C-Suite and company director level have been developed on a platform agnostic basis. As a result, the customer centric methodology that we teach is a formula for success irrespective of what platform an enterprise may use.

There are some great providers of product specific training in the Asia Pacific region and it is important to have your team trained to be proficient users of the platforms that your organisation uses. However, it is in our view that platform training only provides one third of the training required for success.

In our Data Scouts Essentials course we go cover the ‘three P’s of digital transformation’:
• People;
• Process; and
• Platform.

All three elements are required for success. Putting your team through product training alone doesn’t address the other two elements outlined above: People and Process. It is in our experience that the majority of digital transformation projects that fail, fail because of issues relating to an underinvestment in People and Process.

Some key questions that you’ll need to address for success in digital transformation include:
• How should I structure my team?
• What roles do I need?
• What is the best way to engage with third party service providers?
• What is my customer experience vision?
• How should my customer journeys be delivered?
• What sort of campaigns to I need to run to meet my corporate objectives?
• What parts of my revenue funnel do I need to optimise?

Unfortunately, platform specific training does little to address these questions.

Ideally, your team requires training in all areas addressed by the three P’s of digital transformation.

Our training will establish that. The next courses are coming up on Tuesday 23rd May in Melbourne and Monday 29th May in Sydney.

Please contact Delphine Dobbels on 02 8015 6662 or delphine.dobbels@datascouts.com.au to book your spot.