19 April

Top 5 Tips for Successful Marketing Automation & CRM Implementations

1.) Start with your customer experience vision
What experience do you want to create for your customers? How do you want them to feel about your brand and their experience with your brand? Mattel’s customer experience vision is to ‘Create the future of play’. Watch it here.

2.) Define your corporate & marketing objectives
What are your organisation’s goals? What is the organisation trying to achieve? Entry into new markets? Revenue Growth? Increase Profit? Decrease Costs? What are your marketing goals? Increase prospects database? Increase acquisition of new customers, improve your on-boarding experience, improve your level of customer engagement, improve your retention of customers or winback lost customers? Make these corporate and marketing objectives are S.M.A.R.T objectives (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Time Based). How to develop S.M.A.R.T objectives? Learn here.

3.) Define your why now
Most failed implementations of Marketing Automation & CRM are a direct result of not having a clearly defined business case for investment. Not being able to answer the impact of inaction will have a direct correlation on your ability to get the proper level of investment and C-level buy-in and ongoing support.

4.) Define your current & future customer journeys
What are you doing today to acquire, on-board, engage, retain and win-back your lost customers? Have you mapped this out in a customer journey map? Where are your gaps? Where are your opportunities?

5.) Prioriotise campaigns
Firstly you must ask yourself, are these campaigns ‘customer first’ campaigns i.e. for the primary benefit of the customer or ‘company first’ i.e. for the primary benefit of your company? If you are going to be truly customer centric and aligned to your customer experience vision, you must priortise all ‘customer first’ campaigns.

Once you have defined your prioritised ‘customer first’ campaigns you must clearly articulate the success metrics you will use to track and measure success. Once these are defined, the last step is to build the content for these priortised campaigns.

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