8 May

Want to deliver a phenomenal customer experience? Invest in your employee experience

Most organisations struggle deliver a great customer experience. Why is this? They overlook the most important ingredient in this formula… Their own people.

How can you expect to deliver your customers with an awesome customer experience if you don’t create a phenomenal internal employee experience?

The stand up poster child for this is Zappos. This was the core of their DNA and was so aligned with the DNA of Amazon, that Amazon acquired Zappos in 2009.

We have found that most organisations who have invested in Marketing Automation platforms have started with technology and customer communications, when in fact they should have started with their strategy and employee experience.

There is a plethora of opportunities here. Think about your staff on-boarding program… From when they receive and accept the offer to joining your company on day 1. There is often about 4 weeks before they start their new role, which is traditionally a dead quiet period. Why not use Automation to engage and nurture them with communications about your company’s core values or what to expect on their first day?

The biggest opportunity in Marketing Automation is sometimes sitting right in front of us.

Think about this experience. If you imprint this into your team’s minds, just imagine how they will think about designing your customers experience.

Data Scouts, through our strategic partnership with the Association of Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA), helps Australian organisations train their teams on how to implement customer experience strategies, leveraging marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Our next training courses are coming up on Tuesday 23rd May in Melbourne and Monday 29th May in Sydney.

Please contact Delphine Dobbels on 02 8015 6662 or delphine.dobbels@datascouts.com.au to book your spot.