30 May

Why do companies put a value on country-specific experience?

Anyone who gains a visa to move and work within a new country will often hear or read the requirement for experience in that country. At Data Scouts we are often asked the question why do companies ask for this?

The straight forward answer to this question is that Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean companies do operate differently, and differently to other businesses in other parts of the world. From personal experience, they all do business in a very separate way to London.

Whether we are talking from a cultural perspective, project perspective or the actual process of doing business. If a new hire already knows the culture of a country, and how that country does business, there is no need for a company to allow for an adjustment period. This is the reason it is more beneficial to hire someone with more experience working in the country where the business is located. That is of course if they have that option.

In the same regards that a Finance company would ideally find someone with financial experience, or the government would look for someone with governmental department experience. If the person has the same industry background alongside the skills, the experience and team fit, they will hit the ground running quicker than someone who didn’t.

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